Resource Hider

The settings

You can make use of system/context settings to customize the behavior or Resource Hider :

Custom Resource Class related

The CRC settings could be overridden per context

Name Description
resourcehider.crc_content_action What would you like to do with the content field ? Allowed values are hide, collapse, and the default being none (do nothing).
resourcehider.crc_insert_idx Where would you like to insert the grid ? Allowed values are positive integers, or the default value being last, which adds the grid at the end of the chosen container/target.
resourcehider.crc_set_active_tab If the chosen container/target is the tab panel, activate this option if you would like the tab the grid is into be set as active per default.
resourcehider.crc_target Define the container you would like the grid to be added on. Allowed values are tabs (to target the tab panel), or the default one panel.


Name Description
resourcehider.allowed_classes A comma separated list of resource classes which you will be able to toggle the visibility. If empty, defaults to modResource, modDocument, modSymLink, modWebLink & modStaticResource.
resourcehider.allowed_contexts A comma separated list of context keys in which you want to be able to change the resources' visibility. If empty, default to all contexts.
resourcehider.show_status Whether or not to show status messages when an action occurs. Defaults to false. (v0.2.2+)