Resource Hider

Resource Hider

Hide resources form your MODX tree
Resource Hider is a component which lets you hide resources from the tree.

You can either hide a given resource's children, or completely hide resources and their children.

You can see it in action on YouTube (based on v0.1.x branch).


  • MODX Revolution 2.2+ (2.2.8+ recommended)
  • PHP 5.3+


  1. Head over the package management, hit "Download Extras"
  2. Search for "resourcehider", download, and follow setup instructions
  3. You might want to check the settings to customize to your needs


While there is no time frame for upcoming features (nor any guaranty they will be developed at all), here some ideas for upcoming releases :

  • Ease the process of configuration via a dedicated page, instead of manually creating system/context settings
  • Make use of ExtJS threes to list hidden resources (and eventually allow deeper "nesting" than 1 level)
  • Individual settings per container (so we can customize the descriptions, buttons, to better fit use cases)
  • Batch actions for the CMP

If you'd like to commission any of those features (or one of your own), feel free to contact me.