Checkbox Sortable

What is it ?

It's a custom TV Type for MODX Revolution, which provides a user interface to allow custom pick/sort.

CheckboxSortable Preview

By default it does nothing special in the front-end.

Your TV value will be stored in the following format value 1||value 2||value 3…

To make use of those values, you will have to let your creative freedom speak and build a snippet based on your requirements.

TV input properties

Name Description
Tabs IDs If you plan to use Form Customization, indicate here a comma separated list of Tabs IDs where the TV will be on. The purpose is to correctly resize the grid when ever the browser is resized.
Autoplace Experimental When a record is checked, it is put at the end of already checked records. When a record is unchecked, it goes to the bottom of the grid.

Snippets samples

In progress ^^